Not all Habits are Bad


Is there a struggle you are facing? Are you stuck in the same old rut? Do you find yourself waking every morning and snoozing the alarm? Let me help.

When you finally wake up, is the first thing you do to check your social media channels or your email? These are habit forming activities. Checking your feed is okay, but can you think of other habits that may hurt you in the long run? For example, do you find it frustrating that without even thinking about it you continue to smoke or eat unhealthy or deny your body exercise?

These are habits. They have been formed and they CAN be unformed, they CAN be changed.

A habit is something you do automatically. It is as if your subconscious mind chooses the action for you. Some habits are bad, some are good. They all take a little while, a little effort to form but over a long period of time, they may bring your riches or may bring you spoils. In the end it is your choice which you prefer.

How are habits formed?

By repeating the same action every day. It takes practice. It makes for a perfect habit. If that action delivers a small reward, a sliver of dopamine, you will invariable grow the habit much faster. I’ve talked about habit forming products in the past. Certain behavior can also be habit forming. See the article on Smoking

So what happens in the brain?

Dopamine is the molecule in your brain that gets released when you experience something pleasurable. How the brain determines what is pleasurable is still a mystery. We know that smoking, taking drugs, sex, the smell of delicious food, scrolling down your Instagram feed or pulling the slot machine level gives a little dopamine release. We also know the satisfaction you get when you teach someone else valuable information, or give away your hard earned money to charity or simply helping a little granny across the street. Some think the purpose to this molecule is to help the brain remember those actions that led to an animal experiencing something good, therefore trying to maximize its survival potential. Some think it is just how we are born.

So what are we to do?

Nothing. If you want to quit your habit, stop doing it. If you don’t mind the habit, continue.

Something. If you want to become a better you, take up a good habit instead.

Wouldn’t it make more sense to start adopting habits that actually benefit you? Imagine replacing your habit of lighting up a cigarette with a habit of doing 30 pushups instead… In no time you will have cleaner lungs, more money in the bank and a pair of pecs that can resist any force of temptation.

Check out some of these books that have helped me immensely in breaking some of my habits.

Habits of highly effective people ; Power of Habit ; Make Better Choices

It is time to forgo that small dopamine rush and make yourself a little uncomfortable. It requires a little pressure, self discipline and discomfort to change these habits.

Remember, the price of taking control of your life is tough in the short term but priceless in the long run.

Check out the video for a little more. (this was one of the first, so the sound and video quality was still in its infancy stages).

Youtube Video: How To Change Your Habits

Happy Monday!!


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