Song for Hawaii In the end it’s just a toy, a toy that has brought many joy. Maybe it has a soul, character, someone you’ve met. It already has a body a neck and a head. It can make you feel, it can make you feel, alive. It can inspire, bring masses together, a sea of celebrating lives.

The first step is holding the guitar. Feel the contours, the curves, the bends of the body. Feel the neck, wrap your fingers around. Feel the strings. Each with a different character. The low E string would say “how do you do?” The high E-string would say “lovely, sweetly, how about you?” Feel the base of the box, what? the smooth curves like your lady’s butt? Feel the hour glass figure, those hips and that waist. Make her sing, make her wait.

Strum the strings, let it release your feelings. An audible story of love, the strings are plucked, the strings are strummed. A vibration sends a sensation, a thought of love and peace are hummed. Emitted from the sound hole to travel into space. The music created by a mind and heart in place. The music created without a face. Music to soothe the soul. Music launched from the sound hole. Travel through space and time. Age can’t define a timeless rhyme. A vibration to earn a dime a vibration to pair with wine and dine. A vibration, a love, one of a kind. A vibration on ether can travel so far. To your soul, the earth, the heart of the stars. Speak softly and kindly, to soothe the heart ache. To speak words of wisdom the praise for heavens sake.

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